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Getting there!

Hello friends! We are still a few weeks away from shipping the guitars, but things are finally moving faster. We recently received the pickguards (what we had until now were just a few 3D printed prototypes) and they look AMAZING in all five colors. Check them out: We are now submitting the packaging and the […] -- Find out more at

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Production / Shipping Update

Dear friends, Apologies for the lack of updates these past weeks. First, the bad news: we will be missing the deadline once again, and we’ll be now delivering most of the guitars in August, and a few in September. My sincere apologies for this. The good news: we are finally done with the first batch […] -- Find out more at

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Production Update

Hello friends, With only one more week until May is over, we are sorry to say that we will not be able to ship the guitars on our original deadline. I can’t really blame this delay on some unexpected production problem, it’s just that I was overly optimistic at first and did not count on […] -- Find out more at

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Hello folks, It’s been a while and I thought you would like to know that production has started and its going well. I attached a few pictures below where you can see the mold for the Loog I, II & III bodies, the CNC machine making the tailpieces, the necks and more. In the next […] -- Find out more at

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