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Loog Pro Electric Guitar Strings

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Contains 3 Sets
(Total of 9 strings)

This pack contains 3 sets of steel guitar strings, optimized for usage on the Loog Pro Electric. Manufactured in Sonoma, California, by Sfarzo Strings.

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Contains 3 Sets
(Total of 9 strings)

This pack contains 3 sets of steel guitar strings, optimized for usage on the Loog Pro Electric. Manufactured in Sonoma, California, by Sfarzo Strings.

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We offer what we (and others) think is the best guitar for children. But it is true that there are many other options, some costing much less than a Loog. So why Loog? Most guitars for kids are simply cheap, scaled-down copies of a standard guitar. And because they have six strings anyway, the neck is still too wide for a child to play comfortably - let alone easily. Plus, cheap guitars tend to be cheaply made. It makes sense to avoid spending a fortune on a beginner's instrument, but by going with really bad quality, chances are your kid won’t feel engaged enough to play.

So what about ukuleles? Ukuleles are great - if what you want is a ukulele. The problem is that many people end up buying a ukulele because what they want is a small, portable, easy-to-play guitar. And if that’s what you want, we think a Loog is better suited for you.

Last but not least, when you get a Loog, you get more than just a guitar: you get an instrument bundled with a learning app, flashcards and video lessons. So when it comes down to value, Loog Guitars are also a better option.

We offer free shipping on U.S. orders, and 30-day returns. We have a hassle-free, no-questions-asked returns policy, but we do require that both the product and its packaging are intact to qualify for a full refund. Through our partnership with the Playing For Change foundation we donate returned (and fully functional) guitars to music education programs serving minorities and children in need.
  • Body: Basswood
  • Neck and fingerboard: Maple
  • Strings: Nylon
  • Number of Frets: 15
  • Scale: 15.6" (390.0mm)
  • Length: 22.2" (565.0mm)
  • Width: 6.9" (176.5mm)
  • Depth: 2.3" (58.5mm)
  • Weight: 0.9lbs (0.4kg)

Can I play ANY song on a 3-string guitar?
Yes. In fact, a regular chord in a standard 6-string guitar is usually comprised of no more than 3 notes. Loog Guitars allow you to play real chords and any song. It will not sound as full as if it were played with a high-end, concert guitar, but because of that same reason it provides a more approachable experience; more suitable for kids and beginners. 


If I learn to play a Loog Guitar, can I then use those learnings to play a regular 6-string guitar?
Yes, playing a Loog is not entirely different from playing a traditional guitar, it is just simpler. Since we use the same first three strings -and tuning- of a six-string guitar, everything you learn on a Loog can later be applied on a standard guitar. The transition is natural and seamless. Likewise, you can buy books or go online to find the chords to your favorite songs, and use those same chord-tabs meant for six-string guitars to play on your Loog. You just need to pay attention to the finger-placement on the first three strings and simply ignore the other ones! 


What is the minimum age recommendation for Loog Guitars?
We recommend the Loog Mini for children 3 and up, the Loog Pro for kids 6 and up, and the Loog Pro VI for kids 9 and up. 


Is The Loog Guitar only for kids?
Absolutely not. We designed them for kids, but even the Loog Mini is certainly suitable for just anybody who likes to play guitar. We count parents, grandparents and even pro guitarists as some of our most loyal customers.


How do you tune a Loog Guitar?
Quick answer: GBE, from low to high.

Loog Guitars use the same first three strings -and tuning- of a six-string guitar. This is why everything you learn on a Loog can later be applied on a standard guitar.

Now, Loog Guitars are all about exploration, so you can also use other string-configurations and tuning if you want to: Open A, Open G… whatever works for you.


Do you offer a left-handed Loog?
Not yet, sorry. We have a few lefties on our team and they simply flip the order of the strings, just like Hendrix did. Worked great for him and works quite well for them too :)


Should a beginner start with the acoustic model first and only then move to an Electric Loog?
Not really. In fact, some argue that it’s easier to start with an electric guitar, because the strings are closer to the fretboard and that makes them more comfortable to play. We suggest going with whatever model you like best.


am interested in purchasing the Loog for a school. Do you offer special pricing for institutions?
We actually do. Please visit our Educators page to learn more.

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Benjamin M.
United States United States

Haven’t gotten the strings

You guys sent me a tshirt from some band I’ve never heard of instead of strings. Probably a mixup at the warehouse. Need the strings please. I’ve emailed twice about this.

Loog Guitars Loog Pro Electric Guitar Strings ReviewLoog Guitars Loog Pro Electric Guitar Strings Review
Lisa K.
United States United States


Great Customer Service!

Viki D.
United States United States

received strings

I was kept informed until the strings I needed were in stock so I could order them. Thanks.

Marisa V.
United States United States

Guitar Strings

Order was placed processed and delivered quickly! For an ordering experience it was very pleasant to have such great customer service. Thank you!

Adam T.
United States United States

Great service!

The Loog team goes above and beyond to ensure a great experience with their product. We recently had an issue with an order of new strings. Really not surprising given everything going on with slow shipping due to the Covid-19 situation, but the service team stayed in contact with us during the process. They proactively sent another set of strings in case the first set were lost, and told us to keep both sets if they finally arrived. Great service not often experienced these days. Thanks Team Loog!