Not a kid? Not a problem.

We designed our guitars with children in mind, but you don't have to be one to play a Loog. Here's who else can pull it off 

The rookie 

The Comeback Kid

So maybe you tried once and it didn't work out. Guess what? It's not too late. Now when you listen to your favourite songs, so'll be able to jam to them.

The songwriter

Keith Richards famously plays most of the time with only 5 strings tuned to Open G. Burst of creativity. The constraint of fewer strings acts as a trigger for creativity.

The Rocker

You already play guitar; in fact, you already own a bunch of guitars. Add a Loog to your arsenal and string it with strings 3, 4 and 5, tuned to Open A (AEA). Your Loog just became a killer riff machine. Grab a slide and 

The Master

You are a music teacher or maybe just a cool parent/grandparent who wants to teach someone how to play guitar. With a Loog you will be able to keep your .