Loog for Education

With Loog Guitars, students are able to play songs on class one. The benefit of this is that kids feel engaged from the beginning and stimulated to keep learning music.

We are honored to have won a "Best Tools for Schools" award at the 2013 NAMM Show, when music teachers from the U.S. voted for Loog as the Best Elementary Student Teaching Tool. 



Loog and STEAM

Loog Guitars provide an opportunity to fully embrace STEAM education, as they combine a building process, the mathematic and physical comprehension of notes, creative exploration and group interaction.

Our free Educator Guide shows how to integrate Loog Guitars to your current curriculum, and how Loog can coexist with traditional teaching methods, such as Suzuki, Kodály and Orff.


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The Neighborhood Music School students performing Chuck Berry’s Johnny B. Goode.




Educator Spotlight

David Mills is a music educator who decided to use singing, strumming and song writing as a vehicle for teaching music fundamentals to young children. He started out by using ukuleles with 3-strings tuned GBE like the highest 3-strings of the guitar. He later discovered Loog Guitars which, according to him, have much better spacing and string length than ukeleles. Read more →

Become a Certified Loog Instructor

We always get emails asking for local guitar instructors who can give lessons on a Loog. Learn how you can become a Certified Loog Instructor so that we can recommend you.


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Educators' Discount

We love working with schools and music programs, and we are happy to offer special deals for educators. Apply now for our education special pricing.


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