#Loogfest Recap: Watch Rebecca Feynberg and Darryl Jones

#Loogfest Recap: Watch Rebecca Feynberg and Darryl Jones

What do you call a weekend where you wake up Monday smarter than when you went to sleep on Friday? A Loog Fest weekend of course! We launched Loog Fest, an online festival for kids and families, two weeks ago as a way to do something during these crazy times. Something to help artists work and something that families could enjoy at home, together, for free.

Watch: Rebecca Feynberg and the Science of Electronic Music

Spoiler: we also added some learning into the mix. Weekend 2 opened with music producer, songwriter, researcher and audio preservation engineer Rebecca Feynberg, who gave us a taste of what her students at NYU, Hofstra University and Ramapo College of NJ enjoyed. 


Sound waves, oscillators, MIDI, drum machines... who knew those could be so much fun? She also tickled our ears with some amazing unreleased tunes she penned herself, while also taking us all through her living room to show off her amazing gear. Jealous! 


See for yourself in the video below - we swear it’s worth every single minute: 



Watch: Darryl Jones Talks the Stones, Miles Davis, Instruments and More

Sunday we got to geek out by interviewing one of our fave musicians of all time, the one and only Darryl Jones. Bass player, Rolling Stones musician, Instrument Designer, the downest-to-earthest person ever, buddy to the most impressive musicians out there... however you want to call him, Darryl made our year by answering our questions while we kept pinching ourselves about actually talking to the man. 


Darryl’s played with Miles Davis, String, Madonna… you name it, he’s thrown his bass guitar there. Watch the entire thing in the video below and get ready to learn about Darryl’s first steps into music, how he ended up playing with Miles Davies, his line of musical instruments, his first steps into the Rolling Stones, how recording has changed for the band then and now, 25 years after he joined the ensemble, recording "Ghost Town" and, of course, Charlie's now-famous air drums.



#LoogFest Weekend 3: The Woman Who Makes STEAM Fun + The Man Who Sees A Song in Everything

Next Saturday and Sunday, join us at Loog Fest to learn cool musical and science experiments we’ll actually ENJOY replicating with our kids at home, plus an exclusive gig by Juan Wauters recorded from Queens, NY. All you need to do is show up at our instagram profile at the right date and time. 

Saturday, May 9, 5:30 PM EST - Melissa Salguero: Fun Experiments + An Exclusive Q&A

Melissa Salguero on Loog Fest

Struggling to find the fun in STEAM for your kids? Need some fun experiments for the weekend? Finally want to do some homeschooling you enjoy yourself?

Wondering how to turn a carrot into a flute?

Well, meet Melissa Salguero, 2019 Global Teacher Prize FINALIST and 2018 GRAMMY Music Educator Award Recipient. She’s going to be LIVE on our instagram to teach, talk STEAM and actually answer any and ALL of your questions.

We had the absolute pleasure of meeting Melissa last year and boy, you definitely don’t want to miss this #Loogfest session. Not only is her work and experience the one true inspiration we all need during these crazy times, she’s also the definition of fun, warm and patience. She’s the teacher we ALL wished we had when we were young - and her contribution to STEAM and also getting girls into STEAM is part of what makes her extra special. 

So be there or be square. And by the way, BYOC - that’s bring your own carrot. 

Sunday, May 10, 4:00 PM EST - An Exclusive Gig By Queens’ Finest: Juan Wauters

Juan Wauters on Loog Fest

A master of finding stories and beauty in everything around him, Juan Wauters is probably one of our fave songwriters right now. His songs are somewhat minimal and stripped-down with a lo-fi feel to them - but a genuine quality that makes them super relatable in a way. It’s hard to explain… so I guess you’ll have to join us this Sunday to fully find out why everyone’s raving about him!

Born in Uruguay and living in Queens, NY since 2002, Juan sings in both English and Spanish, but his music is 100% universal. Curious? You can check him out on Spotify here - you know, to prepare for the big gig this Sunday. 

Plus: Another Loog Beginner Group Lesson by Lessonface!

Loog Beginner Class on Lessonface


And remember: the Loog group live beginner classes are still going on every Saturday, right on Lessonface.com! You can enroll for this Saturday in this link right over here

See you this weekend!

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