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The Electric Loog Guitar at Third Man Records Recording Booth

You might know we were in Nashville for Summer NAMM a few weekends ago, but what you maybe didn’t know is that we took the time to drop by a place we were DYING to see: Third Man Records. We’re huge fans of Jack White here at Loog Guitars (Whitievers? Jack Whiteneers?) and couldn’t resist being so close to his record label and not, you know, drop by and squee at everything we saw. So we did just that.

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Record Store Day Special Releases – Our Wish List

As you might already know with our constant blabbering on all social media known to mankind, this Sunday’s Record Store Day and, as every year, we’re super excited about it. Chocolate bunnies and vinyl? The red moon has granted all of our wishes. For those new to the concept, Record Store Day was set up […] -- Find out more at

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