Everybody Do the Strum Circle (Or Why Playing Guitar Is Easy)

Check this out! David Mills, a music teacher from the Neighborhood Music School (NMS) in CT, sent us this video of him playing his own Loog Guitar. David actually happens to teach a three-string method to kids and dropped us a line some time ago. We liked him so much we sent him his own Loog, which he now uses for his classes.

In the video he plays Strum Circle, a song he actually teaches to six year-olds and that will be included in a book of strumming instrumentals:

So next time someone tells you learning to play guitar is a herculean task, go ahead and show them this video. For someone who knows nothing about guitars, Strum Circle might sound complicated… but David’s brief step-by-step at the end shows exactly why it’s not. Three-string guitars -and the Loog- make it THAT easy.  Radiohead was right after all these years: anyone can play guitar!

So thanks David for sending this our way and spreading the Loog-love! And for more information on what David does, plays and teaches, visit his website at www.davidmillsmusic.com. We’ll be posting more of his videos in the days ahead so stay tuned!

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