Lucky Díaz and the Family Jam Band Record Song on a Loog

We’ve recently featured grandfathers, music teachers, street performers, musicans, a fair share of kids and even a kid-at-heart in his twenties playing their Loog Guitars but this new addition is even more exciting.

Stefan Shepherd has posted a really cool video over at the Zooglobble Blog that features kindie band Lucky Díaz and the Family Jam Band playing their new song “One to Ten” – completely recorded on a Loog!


We love how upbeat and catchy the song is – these guys are definitely a great alternative to kids’ songs out there. Thanks to Lucky and Alisha from the Family Jam Band and, of course, Stefan for his kind words!
Lucky and Alisha from Lucky Díaz and the Family Jam Band

Image credit: Matt Harbicht


(via Zooglobble Blog)

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