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Dan Navarro, Freebo, Fiona and a Loog Guitar

It had been a while since we heard from David Mills, our favorite music teacher from the Neighborhood Music School in New Haven, CT. But some weeks ago we finally did get something – and surely David is now spoiling us rotten with the goodies he sends. This time around, watch as Fiona (one of […] -- Find out more at

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Jane Elliott’s Experiment: The Only Video You Need to See Today

Yesterday we shared a video we found that blew our minds. Aired in the ’70s, the 14 minute-long video shows elementary teacher Jane Elliott teaching her third grade students about prejudice in a really unconventional way. The video is from a documentary back then called The Eye of the Storm. Perhaps many people have already […] -- Find out more at

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4 Reasons Why You Should Never Underestimate Kids

The second your kids start growing up you get it – these little tykes are smarter than what they told you they’d be. You’re carefully teaching them about the world that surrounds them and suddenly, blam! They completely blow you away. To illustrate this point, we chose four of our favorite kids that surprised everyone […] -- Find out more at

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