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New videos of Kids Playing Loog Guitar from David Mills and the Neighborhood Music School!

Guess what we just got in our inbox? David Mills, our favorite music teacher from the Neighborhood Music School in New Haven, CT, has two new videos of his students rocking out on Loog Guitars for the world to see. The first one -“Sitting and Watching the Sea”- is written by Steven Worthy, an old […] -- Find out more at

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The Loog Goes International

We told you this week about blog Ted El Mecánico, where Nacho wrote up a great review of the Loog Guitar. The original piece is of course in Spanish but he was very thorough, even posting sound clips and pictures to illustrate the Loog building process. We thought it would be a shame for all of you to miss it, so we managed to get it translated and decided to post it on the blog. Here goes!

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