The Loog Guide to Kindiefest’s Sunday Festival

Loog Guitars at Kindiefest 2011It’s that time of year again! In just hours, the 4th annual edition of Kindiefest will open in Brooklyn for all of those lucky enough to attend. The entire event promises all people involved in kids’ music an informative, fun and playful time – and a free Loog Guitar if you’re one of our three lucky attending winners!

On Sunday, the event opens up to the public with a kindie music festival featuring the best in the kindie world right now (you can still get tickets to attend). And since not everyone will be in the New York area to enjoy it, here at Loog we thought we’d spread the kindie love around by sharing some videos from those performing that night.

We know it’s not the same, but at least you’ll also be able to have a great kindie weekend – wherever you are!

Apple Brains – Apples X3

We love this song by Apple Brains, a kindie group that sings about fruits, vegetables and good nutrition. Make sure you check out the animated video by Lluis Fuzzhound, because it’s just simply awesome.

KBC Kids – I Like Summer

Hip hop for kids? Why not! This is KBC Kids‘ first video, but they’ve been more than prolific in the kindie music scene and have a ton more music you can listen to on their soundcloud.

Big Bang Boom – Big Bang Boom

Big Bang Boom is Steve Willard, Chuck Folds (brother of Ben Folds) and Eddie Walker, who play upbeat kindie songs that usually showcase the trio’s great sense of humor. For more Big Bang Boom, check out their MySpace.

Moona Luna – Todas las Comidas (All the Foods)

Moona Luna offers kids an impressive array of bilingual songs for them to sing and learn Spanish while they’re at it. You’ll love their unique sound!

Bari Koral Family Band – Hey Ducky

The NY Post calls Bari Koral “Sheryl Crow for kids” and we couldn’t agree more. Make sure you check out Bari’s website for more songs (our favorite is the one that starts playing the second you get there).

SteveSongs – The Pirate Song

Steve Roslonek probably needs no introduction at all but that’s no reason to keep him off this list! He’s also going to be taking part in the “TV: Where Do We Fit In?” event on Saturday at 10:00 AM – a great opportunity to meet the guy taking over your weekday mornings when school’s out.

WeBop – Shakey Shake Shake

WeBop is the result of the Lincoln Center’s early-childhood jazz education program, where kids and parents learn all about jazz. Their songs are featured in their classes and kids go crazy for them!

Make sure you visit the Kindiefest official site to check out the event’s entire schedule. We also have an entire photo album with pictures from last year’s Kindiefest (like the one headlining this blog post) if you’d like to see what it’s like.

Good luck and see you there!

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