Electric Guitars


Our new electric guitars are only a couple weeks away! They have a built-in amp and they’ll teach you to play though Augmented Reality. Here's a sneak peek :)


We’ve been making 3-string guitars for kids since 2011, when we launched our first Kickstarter campaign. Now we are introducing three new models; one of them for grown-ups! Our first 6-string guitar!

All new models have a built-in amp. Yep. We managed to fit an amplifier and a speaker in there! And we did it in a quite subtle way: there’s virtually no extra weight, no awkward knobs or controls and the classic Loog guitar silhouette stays unchanged.

We’ve been enjoying our prototypes a lot. These built-in-amp-guitars are fun AND sound amazing. Here's a demo:


Also new is the completely revamped (and free) Loog Guitar app. It has an AUGMENTED REALITY feature that allows you to learn guitar using the selfie camera!


The app also has as a tuner, video lessons and a digital songbook, so you can learn to play guitar by playing real songs. We have Beatles, Stones, Taylor Swift and more. You can mute tracks, slow the tempo and even record yourself to show off your new skills!


And there’s a GAMES section too. Here’s a peek at one. It’s a bit like Simon, but instead of random sounds, you see a guitar fretboard with the real placement of notes. You can play by tapping on the screen or by playing your Loog guitar. (Yes: the app listens to what you play!)


The new Loog electric guitars will come in three sizes. Here's how they stack up:


The new Loog Pro Electric guitars with built-in amp will be available on November 30, and you can pre-order them now, at a discount, through BackerKit.


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