freebo and dan navarro neighborhood music school

Dan Navarro, Freebo, Fiona and a Loog Guitar

It had been a while since we heard from David Mills, our favorite music teacher from the Neighborhood Music School in New Haven, CT. But some weeks ago we finally did get something – and surely David is now spoiling us rotten with the goodies he sends.

This time around, watch as Fiona (one of David’s students) gets serenaded at a folk fest by none other than Freebo and Dan Navarro. Fiona took her Loog Guitar to the folk fest for some fun times and ended up with front seats for this little impromptu serenade.

Watch the video yourself:



The look on Fiona’s face is probably our favorite part. Thank you David for the video, but also a huge thank you to Dan, Freebo and Fiona for creating such a great moment! We heart you all <3

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