Grandparent Musicians That Continue to Rock

It’s a shame, but grandparents aren’t really associated with rocking out. And seeing as this Sunday’s National Grandparents’ Day, we’re here to set the record straight: not only are they awesome but grandparents can rock – and do so every day!

For one thing, many grandparents who buy the Loog for their grandkids end up getting one themselves. Just ask Scott, who fell in love with his grandkid’s Loog and sent us this awesome version of Old King Cole last year. And if one example isn’t enough to make it right, here are five extremely well-known grandparent musicians who don’t let their age get in the way of rocking out.

1. Mick Jagger
This is the obvious pick. At age 70 and with four grandchildren, Sir Michael Philip “Mick” Jagger continues to be relevant in the music scene, along with every single one of his band mates. And this isn’t just an exception…

Paul McCartney Grandkids


2. Paul McCartney
Another Sir continues to tour the world and spread the rock in this list, and it’s none other than 71 year-old Paul McCartney. And hey, he plays Rock Band with them as well!

3. Bob Dylan
At age 72, Bob continues to do his thing. And here’s something you probably didn’t know – his 15 year-old grandson Pablo is actually a rapper, that calls his grandpa “the Jay Z of our generation”. What do you make of that?

4. Joan Baez
Ah, times might have been different back then but we still have grandmas who rock until today – even though at 72, Joan prefers her granddaughter to call her “abuela” (the Spanish word for grandmother). She also describes herself as a “roll in the mud” grandmother, which is exactly how we expected her to be.

Joan Baez with son and granddaughter


5. This grandma
There are no words to describe this video you probably already know, where an anonymous grandma totally kills it on the drums. A pleasure to watch, time and time again:



And what about you? Why do YOUR grandparents rock? Or better yet… why do you rock as a grandparent? Tell us in the comments!