The Electric Loog Guitar in Videos – So Far

It’s hard to get to know a guitar online. And while we do try to convey the love we feel for our own Loog Guitars via social media and this site, sometimes pictures and words are just not enough.

Luckily, we recently started uploading more videos of the Electric Loog Guitar on our YouTube Channel, where you can see all the people who tried it out at NAMM like this one:

But we’re also extremely lucky to have several Electric Loog players send in their own footage playing their Electric Loog Guitars – and we thought it would be cool to gather all of them right here for your hearing pleasure.

So here’s a sample of the things we’ve been receiving so far – and links to these awesome folks’ social media profiles from where they did so. We’re really grateful to have such a bunch of talented people share our passion for these tiny guitars that could!

Do I wanna know – arctic monkeys #loog style #guitar #awesome #music #sound @loogguitars

Video posted by Seth Rudd (@saltine_seth) el


Faders guitar teacher @aceofwades shredding on the blue Loog. @loogguitars @loogcanada #loog Video posted by Faders Music – Brandon, MB (@fadersmusic) el

Episode 2 of @fadersmusic Guitar Teachers riffing on the @loogguitars #addictive #loog #nottheintendeduseofaloog

Video posted by Faders Music – Brandon, MB (@fadersmusic) el

Our guitar teacher @aceofwades is back shredding on @loogguitars #loog #shred #guitar

Video posted by Faders Music – Brandon, MB (@fadersmusic) el

Guitar Practice from Todd Patrick on Vimeo.

So a huge thanks to everyone with the courage to send in video of themselves playing – and keep ’em coming! The more we have, the more we can share our love for this tiny, awesome guitar

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