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Loog B-Sides: An Epic Conversation with George Gruhn

Last year, we had the honor of sitting down and talking to vintage guitar expert George Gruhn - yes, Gruhn as in Gruhn Guitars. From NEVER having listened to a Clapton record (only in person, of course), to what snakes and insects have to do with guitars, to Baby Boomers’ effect on the guitar industry - here are some highlights of this epic trip down music history lane. 

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Loog B-Sides: How Music Can Help Kids in a Post-Pandemic World

This Back to School season has been riddled with uncertainty and doubt. Melissa Salguero, one of the closest members of the Loog Community, knows this. The former Elementary School music teacher has just taken the leap into High School teaching this Fall, and is using music as a way to bridge the social and emotional gap this two-year sabbatical has caused.

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