Small 3-string guitars that make it fun and easy to play music.

As easy as 1-2-3

We love 6-string guitars, but we believe that they can be overwhelming for little kids and beginners. The Loog Guitar, with its 3 strings, makes it easier for kids to tune, play and listen to the notes they are playing. It offers a more stimulating experience that allows children to play music right from the start. And because The Loog Guitar comes with nylon strings, not only it is easy for kids to play, it is also easy on their hands. 

Build it. Play it. Love it.

When you build your own guitar you develop a deep connection with it; it is an experience that helps you understand and love the instrument. That is why The Loog Guitar comes unassembled for kids and parents to build together. No special tools or expertise are required: just take it out of the box and in 15 minutes you will have built a fully functional, beautiful looking and sounding guitar. 

Real wood. Real guitar.

The Loog Guitar is lots of fun, but it's not a toy: it's a real instrument, made out of real wood, that allows you to play chords and virtually any song, just like a regular guitar. The difference is that it has been specifically designed for children, with their needs, comfort and safety in mind.

Learn on a Loog, then play any guitar

Playing a Loog is the same as playing any guitar, only simpler and with less things to remember.
We use the first 3 strings you would find on any guitar, with the same tuning: G B E, from low to high.
In that way, what you learn on a Loog can later be applied on a 6-string guitar.
You can even read chord diagrams from books or from the internet and use them to play your favorite songs on a Loog Guitar: Simply focus on the first 3 strings and ignore the other ones.
And to make things even easier we have a series of video-lessons designed to get you playing in just a few minutes. See it here.
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