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Build. Bond. Play. Learn.

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A fun little instrument, with a big serious sound.

Electric Loog

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A fun little instrument, with a big serious sound.

Electric Loog

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Loog Academy

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Guitar + book + app designed to get kids playing songs on day one

As Easy As 1-2-3

Playing songs on a traditional guitar can be a daunting task for beginners. That is why most teaching methods focus first on scales and don’t get into chords until well advanced into the course. Loog Guitars solve this: Because they only have three strings and a narrow neck, it’s super easy to form chords and play songs, even on day one! Loog Guitars come with a free instructional book with songs by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and more, and a free app with video lessons, a tuner and even a monkey drummer to help you stay on the beat. 



 Build. Bond. Play. Learn.

When you build your own guitar you develop a deep connection to it. It's an experience that helps you bond with the instrument and learn how it works. It is also a bonding experience between parents and their children, who can build their Loog together and share their love of music. No special tools or expertise are required: take it out of the box and in just 15 minutes you will have built a fully functional, beautiful looking and sounding guitar.

Music: The gift that keeps on giving

Imagine coming home after work and asking your kid: what are we going to play today? With Loog, kids can build their guitar with their parents and right after that, on day one, jump into playing Let it Be by The Beatles. It’s a really unique and empowering experience that families love. Why do we do this? When a child learns by playing with their family, their true potential becomes limitless.  


Bonding through music used to be a big family activity. Today, it is increasingly rare. Let's change that together.

Learn on a Loog. Play any guitar.

Loog Guitars use the same first three strings -and tuning- of a six-string guitar. This is why everything you learn on a Loog can later be applied on a standard guitar. The transition is natural and seamless. Likewise, you can buy books or go online to find the chords to your favorite songs, and use those same chord tabs meant for six-string guitars to play on your Loog. You just need to pay attention to the finger placement on the first three strings and simply ignore the other ones. It is that easy.  



An Instrument For Empowerment

Playing a musical instrument helps kids benefit in almost every level of their cognitive skills: memory, mental processing speed, verbal fluency, creative thinking and focus. We are thrilled and proud to offer what we think is the best guitar for children; we hope you love your Loog as much as we do. Learn more.


Happy by Pharrell Williams, as performed by the Neighborhood Music School and The Boys and Girls Club of New Haven. The students -6 to 11 years old- are led by David Mills. Watch more inspiring videos of Loog Guitars in action here.

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“If you’re thinking of getting your kids interested in music, the Loog Guitar is perfect.” WIRED