Hello, rockstar.

Welcome to the Loog Academy. If you have an iPhone or iPad, we strongly recommend that you download our FREE app, filled with video lessons, a tuner, a chord chart, and even a little drummer monkey to help you stay on the beat. We designed the app so that you can start playing songs really quickly, but keep in mind:


Playing music is not a race!



So go at a pace you feel comfortable with, rest when you need to, and enjoy the beautiful, transcendent journey of playing music :)



The Loog Method: Overview

The Loog Method is based on chords. What’s a chord? A chord is what happens when you play 3 notes at the same time. Chords are important because every single song out there is built on chords: pop, heavy metal, classic rock… if it’s a song, it has chords. 




The not-so-great thing about chords is that they can be complicated to master for beginners. That's why most traditional guitar methods focus first on scales and don’t get into chords until well advanced into the course. Loog Guitars solve this: because they only have three strings and a narrow neck, it is very easy to form chords and to start playing songs right away. We have videos showing how to play chords on your Loog and we also have a chord chart that you can download and use as a cheat sheet:







Playing in tune is a must and you should, by all means, get a tuner. We, ahem, sell one, but know that any tuner will work with your Loog. There are even apps that turn your smartphone into a tuner. Some of them are free and they all work great.

One thing you need to know about tuning: new strings need to stretch before they can hold their pitch, and this can take a while; even days. So you’ll see that you’ll tune your Loog, you’ll play a little, and then you’ll have to tune up again. It’s a bit of a drag, but it is the same with every guitar - at least with your Loog you’ll only have half the strings to tune :)



One more thing

Before we get to the lessons, let us share this tip with you: keep your guitar at hand so that it’s easy to grab when you feel like playing. Every second you spend with your guitar, even if you are simply holding it while watching TV, will help you know your instrument better and help you get better at playing. Now, without further ado, let’s get you playing guitar!


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