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We love working with schools and music educators and are happy to offer special discounted pricing and resources to them. We are honored to have won a "Best Tools for Schools" award at the 2013 NAMM Show, when music teachers from all over the U.S. voted for Loog as the Best Elementary Student Teaching Tool.

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Most traditional guitar methods focus first on scales and don’t get into chords until well advanced into the course. And rightly so: forming chords on a six-string guitar can be a daunting task for children and beginners. The problem is that you need chords in order to play songs, so having to spend the first month only doing scales and exercises can be a bit discouraging for beginners.



Loog Guitars allow you play songs from day one: Because they only have three strings, it’s easier for small children to form chords and to make sense of what they are playing. And because Loog Guitars use the same first three strings and tuning of a six-string guitar, everything you learn on a Loog can later be applied on a standard guitar too. The transition is natural and seamless. Likewise, you can use the same books and chord-tabs meant for six-string guitars, to play on a Loog. You just need to pay attention to the finger-placement on the first three strings and simply ignore the other ones. It is that easy.


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 Educator Spotlight

David Mills is a music educator who decided to use singing, strumming and song writing as a vehicle for teaching music fundamentals to young children. He started out by using ukuleles with 3-strings tuned GBE like the highest 3-strings of the guitar. He later discovered Loog Guitars which, according to him, have much better spacing and string length than ukeleles. “The colored dots on the Loog Guitars have been extremely useful when creating neck diagrams for chords and scales,” he tells us. Read more.


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