Introducing the NEW Loog Certified Educator Program

Introducing the NEW Loog Certified Educator Program

We're super excited to launch the Loog Certified Educator Program - a 100% online program designed for educators looking into teaching kids Loog Guitar. 


 Loog Certified Educator Program



This program was designed following oodles of emails during the years asking how to get into teaching Loog Guitar - mostly after receiving an email inquiring about local teachers. We’ve partnered up with Lessonface, the #1 online music lesson platform that brings music students and teachers together. This means that instructors looking to become Certified Loog Educators can get certified AND get their first Loog Guitar students, all in one place.

How to Become a Certified Loog Educator

The Loog Certified Educator Program is designed to be quick and easy for existing guitar teachers. After being accepted into the program, you’ll be asked to do the following: 


  • Attend a live training class with a Loog Certified Master Educator. We encourage live attendance, but the class will be recorded in case you can't make the exact time.
  • Pass a short quiz.
  • Create a Loog Guitar tab.
  • Give a trial lesson to one of the current Lessonface Loog Certified Educators.

You should expect the entire process to take less than three weeks. You will be required to secure your own Loog Guitar, but rest assured that we do offer an Educator’s Discount. You can apply for one at the end of this page.  

Minimum Qualifications for the Program

  • At least two years of professional teaching experience with kids
  • Complete a background check (included in program fee)
  • Enthusiasm for sharing the beauty of music with young minds
  • Completed the video application process 

Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee a spot in the program.

The Perks

​Becoming a Loog Certified Educator means we'll be able to recommend you to Loog Guitar students looking for 1-1 classes. These crazy stay-at-home times have increased demand for group and personal online Loog classes. We're short on teachers and would love to have you on board!


Plus, we’ve also joined forces with some of the BEST educators out there to provide fun, educational after school classes. We're always looking for new and educational classes to offer our Loog Guitar players - Loog Certified Educators with stellar track records are usually chosen for these fun projects!   

Next Steps

Now through October 23 we are accepting applications for new teachers in our next program cohort! In order to be considered, you’ll be asked to apply by midnight PST October 23 by sending a short video of why you would like to teach students to play the Loog Guitar along with your Lessonface profile or other teaching pages. 


You can apply in the official Loog Certified Educator Program page on Lessonface below:


Apply to the Loog Certified Educator Program


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