180 Little Rockstars, One Room: Loog + Lessonface’s First Group Lesson

What’s cooler than seeing 179 other kids -just like you- learning to play guitar, at the same time? We think not much. Last Saturday was pretty much a milestone in Loog history: the first-ever online Loog group lesson for kids under 8, hosted by the amazing guys at Lessonface.com. And it rocked!



A total of one hundred and eighty (that’s 180!) kids joined the class, led by Loog-certified instructor Emilly Zimmer, who spent half an hour teaching Loog Guitar basics to kids from all over the world. We actually did a roll call and had people from the West Coast, East Coast, the South, the Midwest… Brazil, Wales, you name it! All together in one adorable classroom, enjoying their incipient love for music. Don’t take our word for it, though - check out this screenshot of one of SIX room windows. 

Loog Guitars First Online Group Lesson


We’ve had this idea floating in our heads for a while now, but truth be told, we never imagined this kind of reception. We are humbled by your trust in us, Emily and Lessonface, as well as delighted that we got to offer a cool, educational and overall fun experience to so many of you during these difficult and confusing times. 



And you BET we’re doing it again! We’ve decided to make this a regular thing for the time being - so if you missed out, don’t worry. We’ve opened a new Loog group lesson for Saturday, April 25th, which you can enroll to right over here.  



So THANK YOU to everyone who decided to join us, to Lessonface for making this possible and, of course, to Emily, who was actually brave enough to face the biggest online group lesson of her life - and did it amazingly. We’re excited to meet even more of you next Saturday! 

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