6 Tips for Family Road Trips With Kids

6 Tips for Road Trips with Kids

6 Tips for Road Trips with Kids

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Are you up to hit the road this summer? We have just the checklist for you. Family road trips are easily one of our favorite summer activities. Few things compare to the feeling of turnin’ up the music and singing along with your kids on the road. So if you’re planning to do some road trippin’ these days, follow along! These 6 Family Road Trip Tips will make your next road trip an unforgettable one.

Road Trip Playlist

If there’s anything that can make a road trip, it’s the playlist. We recommend that you prepare your road trip playlist beforehand to get the most out of your ride. Include your favorite classics, some refreshing new bops, a handful of rockin’ bangers and don’t forget your family’s favorites for the greatest car sing-alongs!

Travel-Sized Instruments & Toys

We all know that trips can make kids overly excited, and sometimes we might need to keep them entertained during the trip - especially if it’s a long one. Carrying their favorite toys is one way to do it, but we recommend that you also take some small instruments along to keep the fun tunes a-rollin’.

And guess what? We have the perfect travel-sized guitar for you to take on your ride. Plus, if you get one of our gig bags, you can always bring your Loog for those warm campfire nights! ✨

Portable Music Players

Remember the old times, when we listened to music on CDs and cassettes? Sometimes we just need to lay back into our own little world and listen to our favorite albums. And kids are no different!

Our fave is Yoto, that actually makes their own Mini Players. Perfect for kids to enjoy music on all family outings. Yoto Mini’s size and all-day battery make it perfect for road trips! Plus, por-tip: turn it on sans headphones right before bedtime to smooth things over before sleep. Works like a charm! 😌

Yoto Mini Player

Your Favorite Books

If you’re the type of person that enjoys a good read while on vacation, then you’re one of us. And hey, our kids also enjoy reading while out. If you want to keep your readings musical, we’ve got you covered with the perfect options for your family here. Knock yourselves out! 

Travel Tray

To keep kids entertained and still comfy on the car seat, these travel trays are the way to go. This is also perfect to keep their creativity up and runnin’, as these trays make it really easy to carry art supplies to draw and paint while on the road. 


The greatest rockstars need the greatest of snacks! ‘Cause we can’t rock out on an empty stomach. This is why the last but not least Road Trip Essential is a handful of snacks. Pick your family’s favorites and rock on! You can even make them music themed, for example, here are some amazing ideas that we stumbled upon on Pinterest. Excuse us while we try all of them ourselves.

And hey - don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t get the kids to eat the healthiest of snacks. Traveling with kids means survival mode - there will be plenty of time to eat carrot sticks at your destination 😉

Let’s Hit The Road, Jack!

Are you up for the musical adventure? Load your stuff and let’s go! What are other musical road trip essentials that you just need to take with you? 

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