6 Experiments for Kids

You know that thing when you have kids where you’re now once again socially allowed to enjoy certain things you used to be too grown up to do? Fun, simple DIY experiments are one of those things.

From the dead-easy to the “you definitely need an adult for this”, just getting stuff lying around your house and *making* something is always a magical experience, where physics and chemistry can actually be seen in real life and just cutting something up or mixing x and y can bring hours of sheer joy and delight. Oh, and kids also like it. And learn. Yeah.

We actually thought of sharing some exclusively musical experiments for kids with you guys. But after we started googling to find the actual directions to these experiments, new and awesome ones started popping up. Did you know you can actually make a bouncing ball? In your kitchen? We had to include that!

So here are 4 6 musical experiments for kids you can try out this weekend or save for a rainy day. We’ve listed them from easiest to hardest, leaving the two non-music related ones for the end. Let us know how it goes!

1. Musical Straws

StrawsUsing just one straw and a pair of scissors, make sounds to show how wind instruments work. Fair warning: liking this experiment too much might end in your kid doing it every single time you’re out in a restaurant. True story, bro. Full directions (and explanation) here.2. Making Music with Water
Classic experiment that’s all kinds of awesome. Fill up glasses or bottles with varying amounts of water and use a pencil to tap the sides and create sounds with different tones. Bonus: after the fun is had, double it by showing your kid what happens when you blow across the glasses’ rim. In case you need proper instructions, find them here.3. Matchbox Guitar
Some people create cigar box guitars, you can create a matchbox one (which will also probably have three strings – aww!). This is a great little experiment to see how plucking strings generates sound and how the physics behind how the Loog works. Full instructions here.

Matchbox guitar

4. Make Your Own Phonograph
This one gets a little more complex but once you get the hang of it, it’s great to think up of new materials to see how they affect sound. Maybe leave this one for older kids that really have an interest in music. Get the directions from here.

Flubber5. Flubber
Flubber is a gooey, kinda solid goo that looks like glossy play dough. You can easily make it at home – the process is cool and kids get a new toy out of it. Tip: add glow-in-the-dark paint instead of food coloring and take the fun well into the night. This video gives perfect steps to getting it just right and the kid’s reaction in it proves it will be worthwhile.

6. Bouncing Balls!
Yes, you can actually make these. We read up on different people’s views on how much these balls can actually bounce and they’re not really the same as store-bought. BUT you get a little bounce and hey, you just made it. Plus, it uses almost the same ingredients as Flubber, so you can make a 2 for 1. Detailed instructions here.

Let us know if you try any of these and how it goes! As for us, we’ll be right back. There’s some Borax that needs to be bought.

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