8 Indoor Activities to Do with Your Kids

This should be the perfect time of the year for outdoor games and running around – but, in certain parts of the country, June’s spring showers are giving way to an even cloudier July. And every parent knows that summer break and summer showers aren’t exactly the best combo.

So what to do? Have a blast inside, that’s what! Here’s a short and sweet list of eight fun indoor activities you can do with your kids – some of them even using your very own Loog Guitar

1. Kitchen Rock Band
No need to have a plethora of instruments at your disposal to let your kids play some music. Go hunting for some pots, cans and wooden spoons for a mighty loud session!

2. Home Gig
Dust off your old six-string, tune-up your kids’ Loog Guitars and jam! Rainy day means music day – and even if it’s sunny, just take the session outside.

Ashley Ann PhotographyPic source: Ashley Ann Photography

3. Camping/Fort Adventure
Set up a tent inside Wes Anderson-style or build a pillow fort and invite all the kids in the street for a sleepover. Remember to tell scary stories before lights out and play some good old camping tunes around the, uh, sock pile? No bonfires inside!

Justin OkeeDokeePic of Justin of the Okee Dokee Brothers by @OWTK

4. Dance-off
Bring the 80s back with a good old dance-off with your kids! Make some cheap prizes to give out or create a choreography everyone needs to follow. Then, remember to get it on video 

5. Hand art
It’s time to let go and stop worrying about the mess! Drag all the furniture out of a room, cover the floor and part of the wall with paper and then use finger paint to make some cool, stomping art with your kids’ hands and toes. Still worried about the stain potential? Put a layer of saran wrap between the floor/wall and the paper. Works like a charm!

6. Indoor Jungle Gym
Grab some rope, sticks and pool noodles to create the ultimate indoors jungle gym – combine it with covered-up furniture and pillows to turn an entire room into one epic place of fun.

7. Cooking
Why not try some three-string guitar-shaped cookies?

Guitar cookies

8. Photo-ops
Probably the most fun – think of the most whacky scenarios with your kids and then pose for fun pics. Check these two right below. Yup, it does look kind of complicated, but imagine how fun it would be to act out the amateur version of it. Extra points if you end up making up a story with the pictures!

http://www.timmacpherson.com/ timmacpherson-2Pic credit: Tim Macpherson
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