A Complete List of Loog Guitar Learning Resources

A Complete List of Loog Guitar Learning Resources

Hello, rockstar! Ever since the Loog first came out, we’ve worked super hard to create a myriad of learning materials and resources to make learning to play guitar a lot easier.

Loog Resources

Your new Loog already comes bundled up with the Loog App and flashcards, but we also have tips, tricks, tabs, free and paid live virtual lessons and so much more! This nifty little blog post is to have a spot where we can save ‘em all in one helpful place. 

So if you’re a bit lost and asking yourself “what now?”, this is the place to start. Happy musical adventures!

1. Download the Loog App

The Loog isn't just a guitar - it's a complete learning system that starts with our (FREE) Loog App. Find lessons, a tuner, a Magic Mirror that teaches you chords using the selfie camera, cute monsters, a songbook and more. 

iOS users can get the app here. Android users: use this link instead.

The Loog App is super easy to use, and has tons of features. To help you navigate your first ride across it, here’s a cool little video we made:

2. Understand Your Loog Flashcards

Loog Flashcards

Look out for the little pouch with chord flashcards that comes with your guitar! These cards are an excellent, screen-free (yay!) way to teach kids chords on the Loog. We also have a quick video explaining how to read the cards in our App, which you can watch below or on the Loog App: 


3. Tune Your Guitar

Just like with any professional guitar, your Loog will need to be tuned when you take it out of the box (and will also need to be re-tuned periodically). We, ahem, sell a very convenient clip-on tuner but know that the Loog App has a (free) tuner too. There's a video in the app explaining how to use it, which you can also watch below:


4. Join Our FREE Saturday Class

Loog Free Saturday Lesson

We hold a FREE, group lesson via Zoom every single Saturday at 3 PM EST (12 PM PST). In it, a Loog-certified music instructor teaches kids Loog basics, from how to properly hold their guitar to some basic chord formations. You can join any Saturday you like, and repeat classes if you feel you need to! Some kids do respond better to live teaching, so it's definitely worth giving it a shot. 

You can save your spot for the next free class right over in this link

5. Watch Our Video Lessons

You can find all our video lessons in the Loog App - but they're also available on YouTube in case you want to stream them on your TV. Here’s the link you need to save

Loog Video Lessons

We currently have 3-string, 6-string and ukulele lessons available, so take your pick!

6. Book Your Free 1-1 Lesson

Every Loog comes with a free, 30-minute 1-1 lesson with a certified Loog teacher on Lessonface.com. Just enter the code LEARNLOOG for a 30-minute lesson with a Certified Loog Instructor, on us. Here's an up-to-date list of certified instructors on Lessonface to choose!

7. Check Out Extra Classes

Loog After School Program

We are continuously updating our Loog After School Program with new free and paid classes on Lessonface. From Loog basics to song workshops and virtual Summer Camps, there's always something exciting to look forward to. Check all our current open classes here. Pro tip: save your spot, 'cause these classes fill out fast!

8. Try One of Our Free Loog Tabs

It can be hard finding tabs online for 3-string guitars (6-string guitars and ukuleles have it so much better!). This is why last year we started creating our own 3-string tabs for popular songs. Every file is free for you to download and printable. We also share some on Instagram from time to time, so make sure you Keep checking this link to see if we added any new ones! 

Loog Holiday Songbook

Tab can actually be easier to learn and more engaging for beginners, since you can immediately recognize the melody of a song, without worrying about strumming. If your mini rockstar is struggling with their strumming hand, learning tab can keep them engaged and feeling confident while they practice. Our favorite part: it’s also SUPER easy for parents to learn and play along! 

Get a refresher on how to read tab in this video over here:



And that's it - you're all set! Bookmark this post and keep coming back to see if we’ve added anything else. Now it’s time to go make some noise! Happy rockin’.

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