A Guitar Song for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day from Loog GuitarsYesterday was Valentine’s Day but the gifts keep on coming – at least that’s how it goes here at Loog. As you might already know, we were awarded one of the Best in Play Awards from Parenting Magazine this week at the New York Toy Fair, got one of the Best Tools for School awards from SOB Magazine at NAMM 2013 and received tons of love from every single one of you in the first 46 days of what’s shaping up to be a really awersome year.

And well, sometimes a simple “Happy Valentine’s Day!” won’t cut it, especially when we actually want to give something back for all the love we’ve been receiving lately. So instead of rushing into celebrations, we took some extra time to actually think this one out.

And what better gift than a song? Actually showing you how to play it on your Loog, of course. We made a little booklet (just like the one we gave you some time ago with instructions on how to play the opening riff to Smoke on the Water) that shows you how to play the chorus to “You Are My Sunshine” – a cool little guitar song for Valentine’s Day. Because if you liked building the Loog with your kid, you’ll enjoy teaching them how to play even more – and that’s what love is all about after all

A Guitar Song for Valentine's Day - Loog Guitars

So spread the love and download the booklet from here.

Of course, feel free to tell us if there’s anything else you need to know to play the song. The rest of the song actually follows the same progression, rhythm and beat – we just thought the lyrics were a tad depressing for what we were going for. It’s your turn to try it now!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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