And The Loog Winner Is…

The moment you’ve already been waiting for has finally arrived! After clear, thorough inspection and playlist-making of your favorite songs of 2013, we’re ready to say that you’ve all got incredible taste in music. Oh, and we have a winner for our Third Annual Loog Guitar Giveaway.

Before we have the honor of announcing him (or her! Or him!) this is what their favorite song of 2013 was. Actually, it’s two songs:


Casey's Winning Entry

Congrats to Casey Bowers! You’ve just won a free Loog Guitar delivered straight to your doorstep. All we need you to do is contact us or message us on Facebook to get the details sorted out and it’s yours!

Loog Giveaway Results 2014

Other amazing (?) stats:

– The most voted-for song was Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”. Unfortunately, no one got lucky with that one (pun intended).
“Royals” by Lorde was the second most voted-for song. Did you guys know she’s only 17 years old? We LOVE her.
– The most adorable favorite song was posted by Estelle Posner who said: “”Upside Down” sung by ROLIE POLIE GUACAMOLE and played over and over and over by my grandkids on their out of tune non-Loog, so sad, guitars”. Awww!
– Edgar Rowden said Sail by AWOLNATION, which was our vote as well. Except we learned it came out in 2011. Whaaaaat?

Thanks to all of you for taking part in what has now become a fun little tradition for us – and hey, don’t be sad if you didn’t win! You can take the plunge and get one of your own or… well, there’s always next year

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