blues for kids

Blues for Kids

Are you one who loves singing their heart out? Does music make you feel connected to your emotions? And most of all, do you love sharing it with your loved ones? Then, your family is ready to jam to some blues together!

Imagine a magical journey where guitars, harmonicas, and sometimes even pianos, speak in a special way, telling stories about happy times, tough moments, and everything in between. Well... this is Blues music. A musical diary where musicians share their feelings and connect with others.

What makes blues so special is its heartfelt sound. It's a bit like when you feel happy, sad, or even a little bit silly – there's a bluesy tune for every mood! The music often has a rhythm that'll make your feet tap and your head sway. So, if you ever hear a guitar wailing or a harmonica humming, you might just be in the company of some blues magic.

Get ready for a musical adventure that's all about feelings, stories, and the joy of sharing through the power of music. We've prepared a specially curated "Blues for Kids" Spotify Playlist that will get little ones in touch with their emotions through music. And for those who might be feeling brave, here's a 3-string guitar tab that will teach little rockstars the basics of Blues. Get ready to sing your heart out!

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Check out our specially curated "Blues for Kids" Spotify Playlist right here, and if you're up for a family jam session, download this special E Major 12-Bar Blues for 3-string Loog guitar and let your soul sing!


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