Getting there!

Hello friends!

We are still a few weeks away from shipping the guitars, but things are finally moving faster.

We recently received the pickguards (what we had until now were just a few 3D printed prototypes) and they look AMAZING in all five colors. Check them out:

We are now submitting the packaging and the labels to make sure all the information complies with what needs to be there: “small parts” warning, a notice that the product has passed all the required tests, the barcode, etc. (this is boring, but just to keep you all in the loop). We should have an OK on the labeling early next week and then yes we’ll be ready to go.

We’ll be shipping the guitars to the 23 different countries you guys are from, and we are working with two fulfillment centers to make this as smooth as possible. We still maintain the same dates as before: most of the orders before the end of August, except a few Loog II (the one that looks like an electric guitar) that will ship in September.

Next week I’ll give you a new update but, in the meantime, please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Again: thanks a million for all your support and enormous patience. I really can’t wait for you all to have your Loog Guitar.



PS: I also wanted to share this: in a quite amusing turn of events, Loog Guitars was selected by Sprint for an ad campaign where they show how Sprint helps small businesses stay connected. It started running in the U.S. yesterday; you can check my acting skills here.

PPS: really, really getting there:


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