Guilty Pleasure of the Day: Awesome Quotes by Musicians

One of our greatest guilty pleasures is surfing around looking for awesome quotes by musicians. Yes, we know: most quote-sharers tend to be cheesy and annoying BUT the truth is there is nothing as inspiring as the right words at the right time. Plus, it’s okay to be cheesy and kind of annoying from time to time

We actually have a folder with many of these quotes and re-visit them from time to time on Twitter, Facebook or even Instagram. So why not share them with you? This is not a complete list (we really didn’t want to drown you in quotes) but a start – we actually want YOU to share yours with us and keep adding to our collection!

So what’s your favorite quote by a musician? Let us know in the comments and we’ll share

Leopold Stokowski Thom Yorke Robert Smith Patti Smith Keith Richards Jimi Hendrix Paul McCartney Prince Bob Dylan David Grohl

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