Guitar Parts 101

Many Loog players are seasoned guitarists (or seasoned guitarists who got a Loog for their kids) but many others actually get a Loog to introduce themselves to the amazing world of guitar playing. We’re always talking about bridges, necks, fretboards, nuts and so on – all of these are key guitar parts that any guitar needs to effectively do its job, even the Loog.

For those who feel out of the loop once the conversation turns slightly technical, here’s a neat infographic we found online that explains what each part of a normal, six-string guitar does. The Loog works in the same way but with less strings. In any case, it’s a great guide to knowing what we mean when we talk about nuts, heads, bridges, frets and necks

Click on the image to see it full-size:

Guitar PartsNew to the guitar world and there’s something else you’d like for us to explain? Ask away in the comments!


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