Happy birthday Ron Wood!

Ron Wood Beats Loog Guitars - This YearAs with every birthday post, we were planning on creating a weekend playlist for you to enjoy but ended up bumping into this video instead. What’s inside? Ron Wood, guitars, guitars and more guitars – even some insight onto which one he uses for each song with the Stones.

It’s like he’s looking right into the camera and begging: “Beat THAT, Loog Guitars!”


Touché, Ron. You got us this time.

So happy birthday Ron! We love you even though you’re so great at paranoid-mind games (and there’s always next year). Worry not, my friend. We shall meet again.

By the way, remember that as from this week Loog Guitars are now $149 a pop! A huge big bear hug and thank you to all of you who have made this possible. We’re living the dream, baby!

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