Happy New Year!

Like the Counting Crows sang once, it’s been a long December. And no matter whether you’re relishing the last few moments of  a great year or just begging it for all to end, I bet most of you are looking at 2012 with optimism and hope. For us, it’s been peachy. What started as a dream soon became reality thanks to our wonderful Kickstarter backers – and boy have we got plans for this next year.

But instead of getting all promote-y and commercial, we just wanted to thank all of you for such a magical year. Beyond the excitement of designing, making and finally launching the Loog, 2011 will be always remembered by the people we got to know and share with: and that’s all of you reading this.

So here’s a big THANK YOU to everyone who jumped on board and came along for the ride. We hope we still have many miles -and songs- with you

Thank you!

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