Holiday Playlist

Holiday Playlist + Last Minute Guitar Shoppers

You didn’t really think we were going to let Christmas go by without a playlist, did you? Not a chance. Especially this Christmas, which is very special for us in more ways than one.

We’re having a hoot of a time learning about all the little (and not-so-little) rockers that will be finding their own new Loog Guitar under the tree. Some were lucky enough to celebrate their birthday during December, already recording their own first song on their Loog for the world to see (check out Henry, our favorite this week!).

But most of you might be surprised with one come Tuesday. How do we know this? Let’s just say that managing to run us out of stock is a nice little tell-tale sign Luckily, we were part of a huge Christmas miracle and got back on our feet fast enough for you to really give the gift of music these Holidays.

We still don’t know whether to apologize or hug you! How’s both?

And if you’re still looking into getting a Loog for someone, worry not! The local authorized resellers found here can really help you out if you’re in New York City, near Shrewsbury (NJ), in Nantucket (MA) or San Diego (CA).

It’s safe to say all of this infused us with more Christmas cheer than years past and we thought it would be nice thing to share it. Enter our Holiday playlist: some of you may celebrate Christmas, some may not, but the message is still universal and holds true to all of us.

Happy holidays and, whatever you do, be happy and don’t let the curiosity of a true kid-at-heart slip away. <3!

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