Introducing the Loog Strap

We said we had several things for you in store this year and well, the time to unveil the first of them has finally arrived. It might come as no surprise if you already follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook (we got too excited and dropped a sneak peek there) but, lo and behold… we’re now making a Loog strap!

No rocker who really deserves the title should refrain of playing standing up and this little strap will help all kids do just that. Manufactured in Canada by Levy’s Leathers, the 1.5″ polypropylene strap with leather ends will add comfort and stablity to impromptu home concerts and it’s tri-glide adjustment (adjustable to 39″) makes joining in possible even for adults. Best thing? It makes dropping the Loog while playing almost impossible.

The Loog strap will be available in late March / early April but, meanwhile, here are some pictures to oooh and ahhh* at:

The Loog Strap - Close-up

The Loog Strap

*Oooh and ahhh-ing not guaranteed, but it was our general reaction when seeing the pictures for the first time

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