Introducing the Loog Vintage Guitar Strap

In anticipation of the Electric Loog Guitar (which will become available really, really, really soon so stay tuned!), we are super excited to share one little thing we had under wraps… the Loog vintage strap! There really is no point to rocking out on a vintage-inspired Electric Loog without one of these babies – so we made it happen.

Manufactured in Canada by Levys Leathers, this ¾” leather guitar strap with 1¾” movable pad and buckle adjustment will add comfort and stablity to impromptu home concerts and its buckle adjustment (adjustable from 43″ to 53″) makes joining in possible even for adults. Best thing? It makes dropping the Loog while playing almost impossible. And it’s going live TODAY!

Plus you can get the vintage guitar strap in black, white or walnut to start prepping for your new Electric Loog sessions. Dig it? Click on the pic of the strap you want and get it from the store for only $19!

Black vintage guitar strap Walnut vintage guitar strap White vintage guitar strap

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