Jen’s Awesomely Stained Loog Guitar

Jen's Stained Loog GuitarOne of the things we love the most is to hear from Loog players and find out what a completely creative bunch of people they actually are.

Take Jen, for instance: the first thing she did with her Loog was make it completely hers. Not satisfied with just assembling it, she stained the body to make it one-of-a-kind and was nice enough to show us the results of her work. Doesn’t it look completely cool?

Apart from obviously having awesome taste in 3-string guitars, Jen also got the Loog to easily learn guitar despite having trouble with fine motor skills with her fingers. She took her Loog to the guitar store and asked them to tune it up for her. Then she watched the Keni Lee Burgess videos and learned how to do one-finger notes to play music.

“I can play with just the one finger, so it won’t hurt like a real guitar,” she wrote to us. “Better than that, it actually sounds like a real instrument and not a toy.

This is how she stained it, in case you’re interested: Jen's Loos Guitar

“The first thing I did was sand down the body so I could stain it (then sanded again, stained again, sanded again and one more time – drained the Li-Ion battery in my Ryobi for this job). I went to Lowe’s and bought a stain specifically for my Loog, Rust-Oleum’s Cabernet (kind of red cherry’ish) that I think looks really cool. Stained it and oven dried it for 20 minutes. Sprayed on a few coats of urethane and let it sit for a few hours. Put it all together, then set off down the road to the guitar store.”

So thanks Jen for being awesome, telling us about your Loog and sending the pictures our way! We love the way it looks and are glad that we could help you learn guitar the easy, most pain-free way

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