Cheerios commercial

Kids Are Awesome: Exhibit C (for Cheerios Commercial)

You guys have probably all seen the new Cheerios commercial. Just in case you haven’t, we’ll take a second and wait for you to do so.

 A pretty funny ad, right? Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of months, you’re well aware of the huge controversy surrounding the fact that the ad features interracial parents.

In fact, Cheerios was forced to shut down the video’s comments on YouTube after a lot of them turned a bit, um, racist. We were actually relieved to see a couple on television that better reflected today’s multicultural reality, and it’s really sad that in 2013 something like this can even cause a stir, let alone racist comments.

But not all hope is lost! TheFineBros, the account behind the popular Kids React channel on YouTube, decided to get some kids to watch the commercial and record their reactions to it. The silver lining? Not one of them could figure out what was ‘wrong’ about the commercial nor why people were angry at it.

So here’s the video that finally restored our own faith in humanity. Thank god for kids – they never cease to amaze us


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