Learn to Play the Blues on Your Loog Guitar

Keni Lee Burguess has a new 3-string lesson up on his YouTube channel and we just had to share it with you!

In this installment, learn all about intervals, how to play Skip to My Lou and -here’s our favorite- the Blues Shuffle Rhythm. Plus, Keni Lee shows you how he created his own rendition of The Hokey Pokey he played here and gives step-by-step instructions so that you can play it yourself.

Three words for you: Best. Lesson. Yet.

  • Missed the other lessons? You can find Lesson #1 here and Lesson #2 here.
  • Can’t wait for more? Get Keni Lee’s entire ‘How to Play 3-String Guitar’ course from the Loog Store.
  • Want to show us your own Blues song based on Keni Lees’s 12 Bar? Hit us up! (If you’re up to creating your own rendition of the Blues, remember that Blues rhymes with Loog. Just sayin’.)
  • Ready to roam into the 6-string guitar world and feel a little lost? Check out Keni Lee’s ebay page for more lessons.
  • Annoyed that we’re asking you so many questions? Fine, we’ll stop.


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