Learning to Play Guitar with Loog and Levi’s Kids

We’re always jumping at opportunities to see kids interacting with our Loog Guitars. And with the recent launch of Loog in our own hometown, we partnered up with Levi’s Kids to teach some kids how to play guitar while eavesdropping a bit ourselves

Loog Guitars and Levi's Kids

The experience was amazing – kids responded in an overwhelmingly positive way to the Loog and even dared play a few chords here and there. Our guitar teachers also got into the groove and encouraged the little ones to start playing right away. Most kids walked away excited about music and asking their parents to sign them up for music lessons.

Loog Guitars and Levi's Kids

Apart from feeling awesome about getting even more kids interested in music, we walked away with a few ideas up our sleeve for music teachers and schools. We also grasped a better understanding of how kids react when they first hold a Loog in their hands. It was a VERY productive and fun weekend, which even included branded cupcakes and cookies!

Loog Guitars and Levi's Kids

So thanks to all the kids who let us teach them about music for a little while and, of course, to Levi’s Kids in Uruguay for being such good sports and getting excited about our crazy ideas We all ended up having a blast!

Stay tuned for more little learning sessions like these – who knows, maybe the next one will be close to your town

Loog Guitars and Levi's Kids Loog Guitars and Levi's Kids Loog Guitars and Levi's Kids Loog Guitars and Levi's Kids

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