Loog Academy App Preview

Hey fellow Loog players! We’re reporting back from day two at this year’s NAMM Show with ANOTHER cool thing you can find at booth #5720 (which we’re sharing with Hal Leonard because songs in our new booklets!).

Apart from being able to pick up a Loog and take it for a spin, meet the founder of Loog Guitars, check out our new booklets and have a great time, you can also ask us to show you a preview of our coming-soon Loog Academy app – and we’ll gladly oblige

Loog Academy App Screenshot

Yup, you heard that right. Our app is actually going live really soon, but we already have a fully functional version installed in our phones. So ask away! The new Loog Academy app will feature video lessons, of course, but also a tuner, a chord chart and even drummer to play along with you! The app will be available for everyone, but Loog players will enjoy special access to extra content.

Loog Academy App Screenshots

So drop by booth #5720 and ask away – and stay tuned, mobile phone in your hand, for the great big launch (it might be merely days away!)

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