Loog B-Sides: Kid Experts Answer Some of Life's Toughest Questions

Loog B-Sides: Kid Experts Answer Some of Life's Toughest Questions

This is the sixth episode of Loog B-Sides, our Content Team's pet-project where we celebrate and shine a spotlight on our Loog Community members. You can listen to excerpts from this feature and others from Loog B-Sides on Spotify.

So, we've already been through quite a few remarkable personalities here. On the last episode, we chatted with Eric Alper (The Man Behind All Those Twitter Music Questions). Previously, we also talked with our own founder, Rafael Atijas, the amazing bass player Darryl Jones, River EdvalsonGeorge Gruhn (of Gruhn Guitars) and Melisa Salguero.

However, we believe there's still an important part of the equation missing. The people who we design our guitars for: kids! You know, music is such an integral part of our lives that we sometimes forget how it all started.

Do you remember how you first fell in love with music? What your favorite song in the whole world was when you were 8? Or even wondered what color music is? We asked Emiliano (11), Theo (4), Josiah (2) and Aaliyah (10) about their thoughts on music. They gave us their answers to these questions, and more! Here's the result.


And yes, we usually add a transcription to our Loog B-Sides, but this time we thought it was really (and we mean really) worth a listen. Trust us. 😉

Highlights include: "The best songs in the world are Christmas songs. Wait no! *pause* Well yeah, Christmas songs.", "I think music would be a bright color, like red" and "Music is good for people because it would just be quiet without music in the car!" 😋

Lastly, we want to thank Noemi and Tina for letting us consult with these experts. What should our next episode be about? 

Want your kids to be featured in a future Loog Experts panel? Reach out to Eugenia at eugenia@loogguitars.com

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