Loog Friends Recommend: Kidding Around NYC

Loog Friends Recommend: Kidding Around NYC

Looking to bring your younger kids into the family band? Kidding Around got your back! In this new section we’ve named “Loog Friends Recommend”, our fave stores that carry the Loog Guitar recommend other musical toys and playthings to entertain young ‘uns and start tickling their musical fancy.

(Best part? You can order them online! This is a great way to support local shops.)


The Oval Xylophone by Plant Toys 

Oval Xylophone by Plant Toys - Kidding Around NYC

“This is a fan favorite at Kidding Around, made with sustainably sourced wood and organic dyes,” Kidding Around tells us. “This xylophone will entertain the little ones for hours. Recommended for kids who are 12 months and above, it helps with hand eye coordination as the brightly colored panels keep their attention. 


We’re big fans of xylophones at Loog and even recommended them within our top 6 best musical toys for toddlers, a few decades back. They’re not only entertaining for the only child, but will also make your little bub feel a lot more included in grown-up musical fun with mom, dad and big siblings. 


You can get the Oval Xylophone by Plant Toys here


Funtime Tractor by International Playthings 

Funtime Tractor by International Playthings - Kidding Around NYC

“This toy is great for kids who are into music but great for parents who want to refine their child’s fine motor skills!” Ok, intrigued. But how does it work? “It comes with 5 farm animals and 1 farmer. When placed in it’s appropriate spot on the tractor, each animal will respond with sounds and the tractor itself responds with music! It’s a fun discovery toy for curious children!” 


Probably more for independent play than family jamming, anyone who even slightly knows any toddlers can attest to the fact that this little tractor will keep them entertained for days, especially when it comes to farm animal noises and names. Mom or dad can even do a rendition of Old McDonald Had a Farm on the Loog to play along! 


Find the Funtime Tractor by International Playthings here


These not exactly what you had in mind? Worry not! Our friends from Kidding Around have an entire roster of really cool toys and educational playthings to keep your little ones entertained for days. Pay them a visit here


Loog Recommends is a special feature section we've created to support the wonderful shops that carry the Loog Guitar during these pressing times. Make sure you show your support as well by shopping local and online! Stay safe.

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