Loog Guitar Store News: Complementary Pickguard Sets and New Tuner!

Loog Guitar Pickguard SetHey guys! As the most observant of you have already noticed, we’ve done some moving around in the Loog Store lately.

First off, now all Loog Guitars come with a pickguard set, which means you get 5 different pickguards with every purchase of a new Loog. These pickguards can be easily swapped to keep the guitars fresh and new – there’s green, red, blue, yellow and off-white to choose from! The pickguard set was originally a sold-separately $19 accessory, so this is quite cool.

On the OTHER hand, we also have a new tuner available! You can get it as a stand-alone $19 item or as part of our $199 value pack, which includes a Loog Guitar, a pickguard set, a guitar stand, a Loog strap and -now- a tuner.

So take your pick! We’ve constantly trying to improve our store and think this is quite a switch – for the better. Let us know what you think

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Loog Guitar Tuner

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