Loog Guitars to Be Sold at the MoMA Store

Yes, you read that title correctly. Somebody pinch us!

Starting May 13, the Loog Guitar will be one of 24 Kickstarter-funded items available at the Museum of Modern Art’s Design Store. Why? As Emmanuel Platt, director of merchandising for the store told FastCo, “So many of the most impressive, new, and innovative products we have been finding lately kept leading us back to Kickstarter”. And the Loog is one of them!

MoMa Design Store

(Also, check out that FastCo Design piece to know what other items will be sold at the MoMa Store – so many awesome things we get to share space with!)

MoMA Design Store SohoWe seriously couldn’t be more psyched. Plus, the MoMA is throwing a launch party on May 19 that’s open to the public – if anyone is anywhere near the MoMA’s Soho Design Store on that day, please come by and say hi! We’ll also be taking some of the first bonafide Electric Loog Guitars there for everyone to see

Needless to say, we’re both stoked and honored to be a part of this. Huge thanks to the MoMa, Kickstarter and, of course, all of you. Ever since you helped crowd-fund the first Loog Guitar through Kickstarter, things have gone far and beyond our wildest dreams – seriously, someone pinch us already!

See you in Soho!

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