Loog Guitars’ Where Is Spring Playlist

Loog Guitars’ Where Is Spring Playlist

Don’t know about you, but we’re really tired of the weather not making up its mind. It’s been a month since spring started – allegedly – and it’s still not that warm outside. We want bike rides. We want picnics. We want swing-set appropiate weather. We want not-so-chilly parks.

So instead of giving up and singing Frank Loesser’s “Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year” we decided to gather up our favorite songs that feel like spring and coax the season into showing up via the incredible powers of songification (that’s a thing, right?).

And if everything fails, at least you’ve got a nice little playlist to convince your mind that it’s already spring – even if you still need to get your layers on to go outside.

So join us in this completely fake ritual and let’s make spring show up already. And if there’s any other song you’d like to add, just tell us and we’ll do just that. No reason to be mean winterites.

So here it is, our Loog Guitars’ Where Is Spring Playlist (hopefully coming soon)

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