Loog Guitars with David Mills at the WOS Day Camp

We recently checked in with our favorite music teacher, David Mills, to see what he was up to lately – turns out he’s been teaching up a storm at the W.O. Smith Music School (WOS) in Nashville this July and even has video to prove it!

WOS Day Camp

Every July, the WOS offers a week-long Day Camp for students aged 7-11 years old, who have little to no experience playing instruments. The kids only pay $50 for the week (the WOS Day camps are funded by the Country Music Association) and, this year, got to play around with multiple instruments to see which one they liked better – Loog Guitar included!

Watch the kids play up a storm on their last day of camp in this video right here (we can’t embed it in this post). Remember – they’re playing this after only four DAYS of classes! This is largely also due to to David’s awesome DoSo Method, which the other teachers rallied around.

WOS Day Camp

Isn’t this awesome? It’s really amazing what David is doing, and how the Loog Guitar is helping more and more kids fall in love with music at first play. Plus, we were really excited to see the Loog combined with more standard music school materials and how that would work!

And remember – if you’re in charge of a music program for a school, we have a Loog for School program that could work for you. Drop us a line to see how we can help!

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