Loog Mail!

Loog Mail!

We got the following email from proud Loog owner Steve Eichblatt and liked it so much we wanted to share it with you:


Hi Rafael, i just wanted to thank you for the 3-string. I bought it for my daughter when she gets older, but i have found that i really love playing it myself.

When i was a teenager i wanted to be a rock star, and I tried and tried to learn the guitar, with purely disappointing results. I could play a song ok, given the chords, but i could never figure anything out without sheet music. But with the 3-string, i’m actually getting good enough to amuse myself (i doubt my playing could amuse anyone else), and i can figure out songs by ear! I attribute this to many things, (the ability to tune it with an app on my phone certainly helps), but largely to the simplicity of 3 strings and the symmetry (I’m left-handed) of the open tuning that you suggested.


I hope that the project worked out well for you. I am sure it was a major hassle, but if you ever get to feeling like it was too much trouble, I want to let you know that I’m grateful that I got my Loog.

Thank YOU Steve! We’re glad you decided not to give up on your rock star dreams

So any of you other kids-at-heart try to give the Loog a try yourself? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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