Loog Piano: February Update

Making of the Loog Piano: February Update

Hello friends! Quick update to give you a report on the production sample from this week. 

Good progress overall: a notable improvement from the mid-January sample, but still a few details that need to be perfected before we move to full production of batch #1. Here’s a summary of our back-and-forth with the production line: 


  • The key spacing was a bit uneven in the Mid January sample, and now this has been fixed.
  • The spacing between the keys allows the bottom case interior to be seen, and because it’s red, I found it to be a bit too distracting, so we’ll have that part painted in black.
  • The LED light of the power indicator bleeds a bit too much on the casing surface, so we will try a to house the LED pipe within a black thermoplastic tube, and see if this solves this issue. 

  • We also asked the factory to rework the white plastic Loog logo, because we were not happy with the surface finish and the angled edges.

All in all, even with these details, the sample looks (and works) quite nice, I think!

That's it for now, folks. Because of the Chinese New Year holiday it’s going to be a bit slow till the end of February, but we still expect to ship end of April and we hope to have a new update in about three weeks. 

Thanks again for your patience and support, and have a great weekend!


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