Loog Piano: January Update

Making of the Loog Piano: January Update

Hello Loog Piano backers! I owed you an update and here it is. Things are moving at full steam and going well. Slowish, but well. Working out the details of the newly added features proved to be a little bit more complicated than anticipated, but we finally have a production sample with the 2 new connectors for the sustain pedal and the octave shifter! 
The Loog Piano chasis with the cavities for LED indicator light, USB, headphone/output, sustain and octave shifter.
The updated PCB board with the two new jacks for the sustain and octave functionalities.


You'll see in the pictures below that we did encounter some issues here and there, but these are all normal, easy-to-fix, caught-on-time issues. Having said that, fixing them will delay things a few more days/weeks, so now we plan to ship in late April (which means that most of you will get your reward in May). I hope this is OK with you.


We thought we were done with wrapping issues now that we are making instruments with no fretboard :). No worries, we'll fix this one!
We need to improve the stamping tooling process so that those three cavities are the exact same size (you'll see that the one in the left is a bit too big).

Again, nothing too problematic about these issues, other than delaying things a couple weeks. All in all, given that it would have been a miracle to get everything right on take one, things are going well. Here are some more photos from last week's inspection:

Testing intonation
Programming LED indicator.

Note that every single part in the Loog Piano, even the keys, is custom-made and therefore we had to make lots of molds:

Mold for the keyboard mount part.
Mold for the white keys and the Loog logo :)

We are now working a new set of samples that should be ready by February 5, so expect to see a new update in just 2-3 weeks. Till then!

Thank you!

PS: Since many of our backers are guitar players, I wanted to give a shoutout to our friends and fellow Kickstarter creators at Band Industries, who have launched a great new robotic tuner: Roadie 3. It's a pretty innovative tool that allows you to automatically tune almost any string instrument. 

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